Imagine picking up your guitar and playing something you composed.

No one else on the planet, or in the history of the world has ever played those same notes in that way before.

Picture how would it feel to play your own piece...

Have you always wanted to compose, but just couldn't figure it all out?
• You have no idea where to start, so you don't even try starting
• You start writing something and then it just goes astray
• You complete something but it doesn't float your boat

Learn to compose using a simple 4 step method,
based on how the old masters learned to write music.

Here are examples from students who've composed their own pieces using this method.

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The old masters like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart learned their craft by model composition. But unfortunately this method is no longer practiced today.

Using this method of composing enables you to:
• Learn about music theory in a fun and engaging way
• Understand musical style and form (Baroque, Classical, Waltz, Minuet, etc.)
• Become familiar with all musical elements (rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, etc.)

Composing doesn't have to be scary

I've developed a process that makes it easy and simple:

Using a process is like following a recipe.

By the end of it, you have created a unique and stunning piece that is 100% yours.

You could enjoy playing through it on your own, marveling at the sounds specially organized by you. Or you could play it for your friends and watch their amazed reaction after they hear who composed the piece!

Couldn't I do this on my own?
It's certainly possible to compose on your own, but having someone to guide you can really help.

Most, if not all of the great composers had teachers to guide them.
- Bach learned from his brother
- Mozart learned from his father
- Beethoven learned from the great Haydn

Nothing beats detailed guidance:
• Helps you achieve your best work
• Gives you accountability to actually complete your composition
• Can now be done online from the comfort of your own home

This isn't just about learning, but also producing:
• Producing something beautiful that you can be proud of.

• Creating something you can enjoy playing, while at the same time learning a whole bunch about music.

You get a crazy amount of value, but most importantly you'll have something to show for all the work.

Online theory/composition courses can cost thousands of dollars (those numbers circled below are in USD)!
• They aren't customized to you
• You don't receive one-on-one coaching
• You don't end up with your own composition




"Really appreciate your instruction, knowledge and generosity . You are most certainly the only person I have come across who is putting forward this approach with such an easy to digest manner"


"I must say it was an absolute pleasure working with you. I had no clue how to get started but now I have a clear road map for my next piece!"


"What a fantastic opportunity - it's so rare to see a composition course specifically for classical guitar. It also really helps with theory and analysis of pieces. Anyone who takes part is so lucky to have access to this material at your fingertips. Brilliantly presented."


"I did not know what to expect and I was rather uncertain because my guitar skills are limited and did this course using my harp. I found Dan’s teaching was excellent and could be applied to just about any instrument. I have learnt a new skill and have had a great time."


"This introductory course in Composition for classical guitar is highly recommended , and excellent value. Daniel Nistico is a highly knowledgeable and well-organised presenter, who is so generous of his time and resources, and so encouraging to all participants."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Step 1: Creating Your Canvas

    • Workshop
    • Worksheet
    • Tasks
  • 2

    Step 2: Generating Melody

    • Week 2- Generating Melody
    • Worksheet
    • Appendix 1: Scales
    • Appendix 2: Chords
    • Tasks
  • 3

    Step 3: Harmonizing Melody

    • Workshop
    • Worksheet
    • Appendix 3: Primary Chords
    • Tasks
  • 4

    Step 4: Editing and Refining

    • Week 4- Editing and Revising
    • Worksheet
    • Appendix 4: Grace Notes
    • Appendix 5: Divisions